Multimedia content


As a modern tool in the programs of the Educational Center Orahovica - School in Nature (hereinafter EDC) but also as a tourist attraction for all visitors to the tourist and recreation center, multimedia equipment is used in two ways.

One is the installation of multimedia technology in the multi-purpose hall of the main building - EDC Resort as a permanent exhibition for interaction with visitors and for teaching, and the other is the use of a mobile hologram for fieldwork Pilot project. Interpretation and presentation of natural and cultural heritage using new technologies based on augmented reality, contributes to increasing and attracting educational capacity and in a fun way encourages the development of awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation with the promotion of protected nature and Natura 2000.

Multimedia in EDC

Procurement of equipment and installation of the necessary equipment in the interior of the multipurpose hall is the activity of the City of Orahovica as a real estate investor whose construction and equipment established EDC. Multimedia content as a modern way of communication and presentation is used in teaching, thematic lectures or simply as an upgrade of a tourist tour of sites such as Papuk Nature Park with an abundance of flora, fauna, geological finds, picnic areas, themed trails, but also a wealth of cultural and historical heritage. of this part of Slavonia. In addition, the phenomenon of the Park as the only geopark in the Republic of Croatia can be experienced in one place in the EDC thanks to the integration of various multimedia content that is permanently interpolated into a multi-purpose hall. Outside the regular use of the hall for thematic classes and lectures, the EDC space becomes an interesting virtual world intended for all visitors to the tourist complex. Multimedia deals with two topics in the narrower and wider area of ​​the Tourist and Recreation Center "Jezero-Hercegovac-Ružica grad": NATURAL HERITAGE AND CULTURAL HERITAGE. To experience the natural heritage in the surroundings and sights of Papuk, various interactive equipment is used, such as outdoor tours "Meet Papuk", photo booth - flora and fauna and more. The rich cultural heritage of the Orahovica region is primarily associated with medieval profane and sacral architecture and archaeological sites, which is best illustrated by the fact that in the area of ​​Orahovica there are as many as 5 medieval cultural assets of the Republic of Croatia. The most impressive medieval building and one of the largest fortifications in these areas is the City of "Ružica" in the Nature Park, which is connected by a thematic path to the EDC and the bathing area / lake shore "Lake". Multimedia tools reproduce everything related to the Legend of the Rose and life from that time, so in the resort hall you can experience virtual knightly fencing, archery, view an interactive book of legends about the Rose and experience the staging of the Battle for the Rose based on audio visuals performed costumed " battles "at the foot of the walls of the City of" Ružica "performed by the Orahovac Association of the Order of the Knights of the City of Ružica, according to which the musical was performed. The mentioned topics from the multimedia content are supported by Harvard and virtual and augmented / augmented reality software, holograms, photo booths, touchscreen screens, Holofan devices, projectors with peripherals, tablets, virtual sets and other installation equipment purchased from the project.

Mobile hologram

This popular and innovative device is used by the Public Administration for Protected Areas of Nature and the Ecological Network of Virovitica-Podravina County, which implements the Pilot Project - three teaching programs, of which field teaching is an integral part, using a mobile hologram.